Seoul: North Korea launches a ballistic missile off its eastern coast

Seoul: On Wednesday, when South Korea and the United States conducted a joint naval exercise involving an aircraft carrier, North Korea fired a ballistic missile off its east coast, according to the South Korean military. A possible ballistic missile test was also reported by the Japanese Coast Guard.

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Two days ago, an aircraft carrier-based military exercise was launched between South Korean and US forces in the sea off the east coast of South Korea.

After a visit to Japan, US Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to land in Seoul, South Korea on Thursday.
On Sunday, North Korea fired a ballistic missile toward the sea off its east coast.

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Since 2006, North Korea has been subject to United Nations sanctions, which have been gradually and unanimously tightened by the Security Council to stop funding the development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

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North Korea disagrees with the UN resolutions because they violate its sovereign rights to space exploration and self-defense, and it has criticized military exercises by the US and South Korea as evidence of their hostile intentions.

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