Why are people beating health workers?

During Corona prevention, there have been cases of assault in many states. After Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, health workers have been beaten in Chhattisgarh too. In Bhilai, Faridnagar Supela area, there has been a case of surrounded and beaten two women health workers who came for the survey of people living in home quarantine. It is said that the police personnel who have come to the rescue center have also been scrambled. A case has been filed against 30 people in this incident which took place on Monday. These include women. Health workers have also been accused of indecency in Ujjain of Madhya Pradesh.

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At about 2 o'clock on Monday afternoon, two ANMs Vinita Sahu and Rashmi Rai had reached Faridnagar. Both women health workers reached a house written by Nadeem Textiles. Two people were home quarantined here. The women of the house erupted on both the health workers as soon as they asked for their personal information.

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Those people started arguing with health workers as NRC surveyors. Nearly 30 women and some men, including Nigara Khatoon, who were accused of shouting loudly by the woman, reached there. Together, they surrounded both the health workers and beat them.

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