Mobile companies to have your call history for 2 years now, govt orders issued

New Delhi: Mobile companies will now maintain your call history for two years. This is because the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) of the Central Government has extended the period of keeping records of customers' call data and internet usage safe from one year to two years due to security reasons. The DOT circular said, "The licensee shall preserve all business records/call detail records/exchange detail records/IP detail records as well as records of network conversations." Such records should be kept safe for at least two years for security reasons.

The circular said that this change is necessary for the public interest or in terms of the security interests of the country. The amendments to the licence were issued on December 21 and extended to other types of telecom permits on December 22. Some media reports quoted top officials as saying that various security agencies require data after a year. In fact, there are many cases that take a long time to complete the investigation. In this case, the officials had a meeting with the companies serving the sector in which data was kept for two years and they agreed to it.

Senior officials of telecom and internet services companies told the press that the government should ask the companies to keep these details for a minimum of 12 months, but there is a provision to keep them for 18 months. Meanwhile, an official of a telecom company has said that when they delete or remove such data, they inform the office related to the data in this regard.

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