Passengers will no longer have to scan their bags at Indore airport, new facility to be started

Indore: The journey of passengers at the Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport in  Indore is now going to be more convenient. Here, like the big airport of the country-world, the in-line baggage system is going to start. The trial is going to start tomorrow. The biggest benefit of which is going to be the passengers, because, after its implementation, the passengers will not have to scan their luggage before going to the check-in counter. After delivering the goods at the check-in counter, it will pass through this system through the conveyor belt and only then the scanning of the goods is going to be done. As a result, the need for X-ray machines installed in the airport terminal will also be eliminated and more open space can be uncovered in the terminal. The Authority has spent more than Rs 11 crore on this system.

This system is also going to be installed by the Airports Authority of India at all the major airports in the country. Among them, Indore airport has also been included. Officials have said that at present, passengers travelling outside Indore airport have to get x-ray scanning of their luggage done first after coming to the terminal. In the meantime, the passengers themselves have to pick up their luggage and put them in the scanner and the baggage is checked by the airline's officials. After scanning, passengers take the luggage and go to the check-in counter, deliver the luggage there, which goes in through the conveyor belt and from there it is being sent to load into the aircraft. In the in-line baggage system, passengers will no longer have to scan their luggage themselves. They will have to come directly to the check-in counter and give their luggage with hand baggage here as before. Airlines officials are going to put it on a baggage conveyor belt and send it inside. On this belt, this system is being installed on the inside, so that when the luggage passes through it, its entire X-ray scanning is going to be done. This entire process will save the hard work and time of the passengers.  

The experts of the Airport Authority will do the scanning: On this system, the experts of the Cargo and Logistics Department of the Airport Authority will sit and they are going to do the scanning of the luggage, who are also being trained by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Securities. In case something objectionable is found in any luggage in the middle of the scanning, the passenger will be called to make an announcement and action is being taken by opening the luggage. This arrangement is also going to eliminate the need for X-ray machines placed in the terminal and these are going to be removed, which is going to provide additional space in the terminal. At the same time, the work of the airlines will also be reduced and they will not have to keep expert scanners.

There will be a strong investigation at four levels: Officials say that this system has been imported and brought to Indore. It has been completely installed. It is going to be tested tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The testing is going to take place under the supervision of the Transport Surveillance Authority. After the trial is successful, a proposal for permission from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Securities is also going to be sent before it is started using it. It is expected that it is also expected to be approved by BCAS in July, then the X-ray machines at the airport will be removed and this system will be started for passengers. Officials say that the security check of the goods in this system can be more robust. Right now, the x-ray scanner has only one check of the luggage, while the new system will have four levels and only after being found correct at all levels, the luggage will be placed on the plane.

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