People got embarrassed to wear pajamas at this place, officials reprimanded online
People got embarrassed to wear pajamas at this place, officials reprimanded online

It is often seen that people go out wearing any dress they like. Although government officials usually have no idea what the citizens are wearing there, but in China it is a very A strange case has come to light. Yes, today we are going to tell you about one such case. People got slammed by the authorities online for wearing pajamas in public places here. Just then, the anger of the people erupted on the authorities, after which the officers apologized for their mistake. Has released pictures of seven people who wore pajamas. Officials said 'rude behavior' for these people to wear pajamas in public places After these pictures were released, people accused the government of interfering in people's personal lives by imposing a dress code.

On Monday, a news report said that pictures of people wearing pajamas were shared along with their names, ID cards and other information. These photos were published by the city's management bureau. Technology), in which the face-recognition technology is being applied in public places. Defense gives However, officials later photographs pajamas has apologized Thykadikarion said, "We just want to finish the rude behavior, but of course we should take care of the privacy of people." He said that in future he will blur such pictures.

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