Ola Electric Car launch confirmed: Price, Mileage, Top Speed and more

On the occasion of Independence Day, Ola Electric’s CEO Bhavish Aggrawal made an announcement about the company’s electric car. He further revealed that the Ola electric car is slated to make its debut by 2024. Aggarwal confirmed this with a short video that was shared on Twitter, wherein he also spoke about other Ola Electric offerings that went on sale in the Indian market yesterday. Well, now a host of information is known about the car. 

Read further to know about the features of the car: 

Design: The electric car has a clean profile with one strong character line down the middle, based on what is shown in the video. It also doesn't appear to have a door for the second row, which raises the question of whether it will be a two-seater model or feature standard rear seats. Furthermore, it will have a glass roof, like the Tesla electric cars.

Features: An electric car has to be loaded with features, and Ola's offering will not miss out on much. It is expected to come with features like keyless entry, advanced ADAS safety tech, a large touchscreen infotainment unit, an all-digital instrument console, MoveOS, handle-free doors and more.

Range: The upcoming electric car from Ola is claimed to deliver a range of over 500 km on a full charge. Also, it will be deployed with a locally-developed and produced lithium-ion battery pack, which is coupled with a drag coefficient of 0.21 Cd. The performance of the Ola electric car will be thrilling as well, with a claimed 0-100 kmph timing of only 4 seconds.

Launch Date: Earlier, Aggarwal posted a video of Ola's impending electric car on Twitter. In the video, a red car is running on a road with only its rear wheels visible. "Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. See you on August 15, 2 pm," Aggarwal wrote. This time around, Aggarwal confirmed that the electric car will go on sale by the year 2024.

Price: For the pricing, Bhavish Aggarwal gave a hint in the video. He mentioned that an average electric car in a developed market costs roughly USD 70,000, whereas, in India, it is only USD 25,000. Hence it is easy to understand that Ola could price its electric car in a range of Rs 15-20 lakh only.

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