Sound of Horn led to fighting and concluded with a murder!

Aug 09 2019 06:00 PM
Sound of Horn led to fighting and concluded with a murder!

A recent case of crime has blown everyone's senses. Hearing this case it can blow your senses. Yes, because of the small thing, in this case, is fiercely agitated. According to reports, the father of the bike rider was stabbed to death with a knife when he played a loud sound. The case is being described as Mumbai.

According to reports, two persons have been arrested by the police in connection with the case. According to information received in connection with the incident, Deepak Chavarria, a resident of Ghatkopar Vidyavihar College in Mumbai, and his brother Manoj Chavarria were on their bikes in connection with the work. Then Sandeep Parcha and his father Palsingh Parcha stood on the way.

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In this case, it is reported that the lane was very narrow and the bike driver Deepak played the horn and pointed the two side by side. It is now alleged that Sandeep Parcha, playing the horn of Deepak, passed Nagwar and started quarrelling with Deepak, while hearing noises and quarrels, Deepak's father Manohar Chavarria and his sister Pooja also came to the spot. Then the three men started fighting with Sandeep.

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In this case, the two sides said the story was so high that they came to the beat. Sandeep then brought a knife from his house and attacked Manohar Chavarria and he was badly injured in the attack. According to reports, Manohar was admitted to Rajawadi Hospital in Ghatkopar where he succumbed to his injuries. As soon as Tilak Nagar police came to know about the incident. On the other hand, he reached the spot and registered a murder case against Sandeep and arrested him.

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