School sweeper was harassing the girls, it was revealed like this

Aug 09 2019 01:20 PM
School sweeper was harassing the girls, it was revealed like this

A recent case of crime has shocked everyone. The case is being described as Derbassi. All eyes are on everyone who has been shocked to hear a sanitation worker who was harassing the innocent girls of Class III at a private school on Gulabgarh Road. In protest against the case, the parents of the girls gathered at the school on Thursday and made a strong uproar for action against the accused.

According to reports, the parents alleged that "school managers tried to suppress the case" while the parents had now lodged a complaint with the police and arrested the accused sanitation worker, 35-year-old Deepak resident Raipurani, Panchkula, Haryana. 

Policeman forcibly entered the female restroom and raped the female prisoner

The parents said that their girls came home from school on Wednesday and told them that the school's sanitation worker had done obscene acts by putting toffees and other excuses in the pockets of girls studying in second and third grades and also found scratch marks on the neck of a child. According to reports, six third graders have been reported so far who have reported the actions of the sanitation worker at their home.

The man, who was not getting dowry from wife, gave her Triple Talaq and cut her nose!

In the case, the parents said that "when the matter came to notice they arrived at the school, the managers did not hear them, but tried to press the case." Seeing the protest escalating, the principal tried to press the accused by asking him to take legal action against the sanitation worker by asking him to withdraw from the school. 

The couple's affair in the panchayat was heard and then...

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