Oldest person recovered from corona in India
Oldest person recovered from corona in India

According to the data received from all over the world, Corona was making the eldest people a victim. At the same time, the coronavirus is generally considered to be the deadliest for the elderly. But an old Kerala man has challenged this notion. 93-year-old Thomas Abraham has become the oldest person in India to recover from this global coronary infection and to beat this global epidemic. Even for the medical field, people consider it a miracle. Abraham's food is also simple. He likes sago chips, rice porridge and pumpkin snacks.

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Both Thomas and his wife Maryamma (88) have fully recovered after fighting a life-and-death battle with this deadly epidemic. This transition occurred to this elderly couple from their son, daughter-in-law and grandson, who returned from Italy last month. These three have also recovered from this disease and are waiting for the return of their elderly parents.

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Regarding this matter, doctors say that this couple will be discharged from Kottayam Medical College Hospital on Wednesday. Here the couple stayed in ICU for several days. His grandson Rijo Monsi jokingly said that the farmers of Ranni subdivision of Pathanamthitta are very healthy. He does not smoke and leads a simple life. He said that he has more chances of staying safe in Kerala than in Italy.

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