Good news: This thing will help to get rid of Corona
Good news: This thing will help to get rid of Corona

London: The outbreak of Corona, which has been increasing suddenly, has been taking the form of an epidemic for the whole world today. The same virus has caught more than 40 thousand deaths so far. But still, this death game has not stopped. This virus has rocked the whole world today. If there are no beds left in hospitals in many countries, then Dr. himself is becoming a victim of this virus. There is good news for those battling Corona's war. Scientists of the University College of London have prepared a modern C-Pap machine within four days. The machine will fill oxygen and air in the mask of the patient suffering from shortness of breath, which will inflame the lungs of the patient and relieve shortness of breath.

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According to the information received, no medicine will be given to bring the patient into unconsciousness as happens with the patient in the ICU or ventilator unit. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency of Britain has approved this. Soon it will be used by the end of the week for corona victims in the University Hospital. Prof. of the Department of Critical Care at University College London. Team Baker explains that the amount of ventilator is limited. Through this machine, a sufficient amount of air can be transported to the lungs of the patient through modern c-pap machines and masks.

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Scientists claim that 1000 machines can be made within seven days after completion of clinical trials, which will give relief to the whole world. Wherever there is a crisis of ventilator or ICU, the use of this machine can save many lives.

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Critical Care Expert Prof. Merwin Singer explains that this machine is not as effective in elderly people. However, it can be used by looking at their position. Yes, the most benefit will be for young patients who will suffer from respiratory problems due to the virus.

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