Bihar: Lord Krishna wears sweaters due to cold
Bihar: Lord Krishna wears sweaters due to cold

Due to continuous snowfall in the mountains, the cold weather has started accelerating fast. Yes and now the mood of the weather seems to be changing rapidly. Let us tell you that the cold has increased due to the continuous fall in temperature in Bihar. The minimum temperature of Gaya has come down to 7 degrees, although the biggest surprise is when Lord Krishna also felt cold in the religious city of Gaya in Bihar! Yes, you may not believe it, but it is true. In fact, along with distributing woolen clothes to the common people to protect them from the cold, the devotees have also given woolen clothes to the Lord.

Yes, this interesting picture of God wearing a sweater has surfaced from the famous ISKCON temple in Gaya. Here, complete arrangements have been made to ensure that God does not feel cold. Yes, there are statues of Radhe-Krishna, Lord Jagannath, Balaram Ji, Subhadra, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and others in the ISKCON temple. All these statues are now dressed in woolen clothes. Let us tell you that along with woolen clothes, hot water is arranged for bathing in Brahma Muhurat. This process will continue throughout the autumn so that God can be saved from the cold.

Yes, on the other hand, Jagdish Shyam Das, the president of ISKCON temple Gaya told that due to increasing cold, we are dressing woolen clothes to God. This is done every season. We believe that God is also a person, he is the owner of this temple, so he also needs facilities. It is an exchange of love between the devotees of the Lord. God blesses us by taking service from us. This is the service perspective of a devotee towards God. If the cold increases further, heaters will also be installed.

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