Due to flies, marriages are not taking place in these 10 villages
Due to flies, marriages are not taking place in these 10 villages

Many shocking cases keep coming up from all over the world. Now after knowing the case that has come up, your senses will be blown away. This matter is currently being discussed on social media. This case is from Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh, where not a single marriage is taking place due to flies in 10 villages. When you hear this, you will say what is this? However, what we are saying is true. No one is ready to get their daughter married in these villages. In fact, the terror of flies has increased so much here that even the daughters-in-law here are now leaving their in-laws and going to their parent's house.

The wives here clearly say that the husband should either leave the village or she is leaving the house. Let us tell you that due to flies, no new marriages are taking place in these villages now. According to media reports, the villagers say that not a single marriage took place in the village this year. There were many relationships for the boys, but all of them returned after seeing the situation in the village. The situation is so terrible because of flies that no father is ready to marry his daughter here. There is a problem in the marriage of boys as well as girls. People are also afraid to bring a marriage procession to this village. Here the terror of flies is no longer being tolerated by the women of the village as well as the men. Yes, and people here are now calling it a big problem.

People living in these villages have now sat in a protest outside the village to get rid of flies. Not only this, but the biggest thing is that the women of the village are also involved in this sit-in, who sit at the protest site till noon with their stoves in the morning. If we talk about this problem, then before 2014, everything was fine here. However, in the year 2014, a poultry farm opened here.

Everything was going well for a few days after the opening of the poultry farm, but gradually the population of flies started increasing and today the population of flies in these villages has increased hundreds of times compared to before. Yes, the nearest to this poultry farm is Carpenterpurwa village, which is why this village is also the most troubled by flies. Apart from Carpenterianpurwa village, the terror of flies has spread to Kuiyan, Patti, Dahi, Salempur, Fatehpur, Jhalpurwa, Nayagaon, Deoria, and Ekghara. Like the villagers, the administration here also seems helpless in dealing with flies.

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