This watermelon is sold from 16k to 41k rupees, know what's special
This watermelon is sold from 16k to 41k rupees, know what's special

All of you must have seen farming many times with unique techniques, but in this case, Japan has emerged as a center of experimentation. Yes, this is because the practice of cultivating many new types of fruits and vegetables has grown here. Let us tell you that the price of vegetables grown here is also very high in the market. Japan has also been in a great discussion about its square watermelons and the cost of one watermelon can range from Rs 16,000 to Rs 41,000. You must be shocked to hear but it is true. In fact, the price of this one watermelon in Japan starts from $100 (about Rs 6,500). However, its average price is around 16 thousand rupees. Not only this but in the year when it could not produce properly, it can be sold for up to Rs 41,000 during that time.

Why this watermelon is square in shape?- Let us tell you that no new type of seed or any change in heredity has been made in growing this watermelon here. Yes and when this watermelon is rising on the vine, it is kept in a transparent box. During this time it is smaller than the mature size of a watermelon. However, due to pressure, its size becomes smaller. Naturally, it is a round watermelon, whose shape is manipulated.

Why is this watermelon sold expensive?- Actually, people may find it easy to grow square watermelon, although a lot of care has to be taken in its process. Along with this, it has to be taken care of so that there is no scratch on it during harvesting, so that it looks proper and this is the reason why this watermelon is sold very expensively in the market.

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