This girl was vomiting repeatedly, even doctors shocked seeing the CTScan report

Many shocking cases keep coming up from all over the world. Now the case that has come to light is from Gondia in Maharashtra. Yes, here a girl used to have a lot of pain in the stomach and she was vomiting again and again. After seeing all this, her parents took her to the doctor. Here the X-ray comprehended that there was something wrong. After that, when the surgery was done, the doctors were also stunned. In fact, half a kilo of hair was found in the stomach of a ten-year-old girl. Yes, you may not be sure, but it is true. According to the information received in this case, the pediatrician saved the life of the child by performing surgery on her stomach for hours. It took about three hours of hard work to remove half a kilo of hair from the stomach.

It is being told that while performing a three-hour surgery, the doctors removed all the hair from the girl's stomach. According to the information received in this whole case, a 10-year-old girl from Tiroda taluka of Gondia district was not feeling hungry for three days. Also, there was pain in the stomach along with vomiting. However, her father then showed her to pediatricians in Tiroda. The doctors then asked for sonography. However, the sonography report showed something different in the stomach and after that, the girl's father brought his daughter to Gondia and And here at Dwarka Multispeciality Hospital, Showed her to Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Vibhu Sharma.

The surgery work was completed successfully, and half a kilo of hair bunch was taken out. At the same time, it was advised to CTScan her stomach. During this CTScan, a bunch of hair was seen entangled in the stomach. After that, when the doctor talked to the girl's father, the father told that she used to eat hair when she was very young. But now she has stopped doing so. The doctor then told the girl's father that her immediate surgery was necessary. At the same time, he also said that the girl's life can also be in danger at the time of surgery. When the girl's father and relatives agreed, the surgery on the girl's stomach started and half a kg of hair was removed from her stomach. At present, the girl is recovering properly in the hospital.

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