Young man lost 's*x power' after shopkeeper gave him wrong injection and protein

Indore: In today's time, every youth needs a solid body, but in its desire, the youth does not like to work day and night in the gym. On the other hand, for those who go to the gym, if they are thin, then the trainer in the gym advises such people to take protein. At present, the matter is of Indore. On the advice of a gym trainer here, the young man went to the shop to buy body gainer protein and injections. However, the shopkeeper gave the young man an injection of a horse race. It is being told that the young man wanted to look like Bollywood stars. In such a situation, when he took the protein given by the shopkeeper, his health deteriorated. After that, after taking the injection, the condition has become much worse. In fact, after getting the injection, the young man could not sleep for 72 hours. Along with this, complaints of vomiting and diarrhea started.

Not only this, but the sexual power of the young man also finished. After this, he was taken to the hospital, where the doctors examined him. Here during the investigation, it was found that he was given the wrong protein. Also, the injection is wrong. Because of that, the health has deteriorated. After all this, the youth lodged a complaint against the accused shopkeeper at the Vijay Nagar police station. The police have registered a case against the accused and started an investigation. Regarding this matter, the Vijaya Nagar police say that Chhota Bangada residents started going to the gym only two months ago. On the advice of the trainer, on November 16, he took protein, AMP injection, and steroids from a shop named United Surgical.

Police say that after exercising, the victim started having stomach pain when he drank protein. Simultaneously diarrhea also started. The next day after taking the injection, severe pain in the heart started. After taking both medicines, the young man could not sleep for 72 hours. He was completely restless. Along with this, there was also swelling in the liver. Apart from this, sex ability was also lost. After these troubles, he contacted the doctor and it was found that the shopkeeper had given him an injection given to a racing animal.

In this case, the police have arrested the accused Mohit Pahuja. At the same time, he told during interrogation that injections and medicines used on horses and dogs are available for less money and he used to sell them to humans at expensive prices. Now the police can also check how many people he has given the wrong protein.

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