'This time you're going to see the winter of death', warns Covid Chief

After two years of the coronavirus epidemic, the United States has once again had major trouble. Here the risk of the omicron variant is increasing. Now, among all this, the top US infectious disease specialist (Top U.S. infectious disease expert) Dr. Anthony Fausi has made a statement last Friday. In this statement, he said, 'Omicron can cause deaths by causing many additional problems. When a large number of people are getting infected, the total number of hospitalizations is obviously going to be higher.'

The agency says that the number of hospitalized patients between COVID-19 cases has increased by 45% in the last month. On the other hand, cases have increased by 40% to 123,000 new cases. The main vaccine manufacturers announced last Friday that the epidemic will continue until 2024. The vaccine may be delayed for children between the ages of 2 and 4. Recently U.S. officials said, 'This winter can bring serious diseases to people who have not yet taken the vaccine. The risk is so great that deaths can happen,' said Dr. Rochelle Velansiki, director of the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. 'The death toll from corona in the United States increased by 8 percent last week.'

U.S. officials have told people that 'although vaccine takers have also been affected by corona, their symptoms have been mild.' On the other hand, Jeff Giants, head of the White House's Covid Response Team, said, 'People who have not yet taken the vaccine are going to see a severe illness and death cold for themselves and their families in hospitals.'

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