Omicron: Old conditions may appear again, experts warn

The risk of omicron is increasing rapidly in many countries around the world. The list includes countries like the UK and the US where Omicron has started wreaking havoc. In view of this, there is panic among the people. Amidst all this, US experts have warned that "Delta Variant caused havoc in the US, but Omicron is in the same way, this variant is also becoming a threat to many big countries. Recently, experts have said, "Omicron variants are also alarming because the speed of infection spreading is many times higher than other variants. That is the only reason that makes it more dangerous.''

Recently, advocating booster shots to fight omicrons, Dr. Eric Topol, a cardiologist and founder of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, told CNBC that 'American citizens are still unable to cope with the previous situation, if omicron swells rapidly, it can cause havoc. Many people's lives will end. On the other hand, Dr. Eric Topol says, "We are lagging behind the need to get the American public out of danger. He said full vaccination should mean three shots instead of two. People need a booster dose a lot. It should be implemented at the earliest.''

On the other hand, US President Joe Biden's top medical adviser Dr. Anthony Faussi says, "There is no need to be too afraid of the seriousness of Omicron but one needs to be careful. He quoted South Africa as saying, "At present, the proportion of hospitalizations here is lower than that of Delta. This can be caused by underlying immunity from widespread previous infections.''

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