Another new symptom of omicron infection revealed

People are disturbed by the new omicron variant of coronavirus. People infected with this variant are showing a variety of symptoms. The discovery of these symptoms has made it difficult to understand the difference between the symptoms of corona and general flu. On the other hand, a brand new symptom has appeared in the list of 20 symptoms of omicron reported by Britain, which can be identified. In fact, omicron is engulfing many parts of the body. Apart from the heart, mind, eye, ear has now been included in the list.

Yes, it is affecting the ears as well. Tell you that the new variant is causing ear pain, sensation, bell or whistle. However, this symptom is visible in people who are completely vaccinated, although it is not necessary to have an omicron infection if it occurs. Tell you that people affected by this variant are also feeling cold-like symptoms. As a result, experts say that timely treatment can cure the problem to a great extent.

Scientists at Stanford University say that the internal ear model of people exposed to covid was tested to determine how the virus affects the system. They found that patients were experiencing symptoms such as ear pain and sensation, which people may not know is a symptom of covid. On the other hand, Dr Constantina Stankovic said that if you are facing hearing difficulties, ear sounds or dizziness, don't ignore it. In this case, get the covid checked immediately. He also said, "In many patients, we found only hearing loss as a symptom of Corona.''

At the same time, Tim Spectator, professor of ZOE Covid Symptom Studies, told Sun Online that 'this variant may be hidden in your intestine rather than in the nose. In fact, this means that when people are infected and experience symptoms such as a sore stomach, sometimes their covid test is negative. This happens because there are no omicron marks in the nose or mouth.' He further said that we know that this virus can be found in different parts of the body, in which case omicron is also attacking the intestine.

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