Omicron more threatening to children, Here is symptoms

Corona's new variant Omicron has caused panic across the world at the moment now. The rising number of cases of this variant has caused an uproar. On the other hand, scientists all across the world are attempting to gather as much information as possible on the variety. These mutations, according to evidence from South Africa and the United Kingdom, make youngsters more susceptible. British experts have stated that this variation will pose a significant threat to everyone in the near future. Now, we'll inform you about the symptoms of omicron variant in children nowadays.

Symptoms of omicron variants - Doctors in South Africa say that the symptoms of omicron may vary from person to person, but more fatigue, bad pain and headache are symptoms in young people. Like delta, people in this variant do not feel like taste and aroma. However, some people feel a lot of sore throat.

Children at risk of omicron variants - Recently, it has been reported from South Africa that there are more children affected by omicron variants. Tell you that they are also showing mild to severe symptoms. Not only that, Dr. Rudo Mathiwa of Chris Hani Bargavnath Academic Hospital here told The Sun, "The children who are coming here are now showing moderate to severe symptoms. They need oxygen, supportive therapy and longer hospital stays. They are getting sicker than before.''

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