Good news! Experts made big claim over corona epidemic

New Delhi: The new variant of corona infection, Omicron, has created a stir all over the world. Many countries around the world, including India, are battling the virus. This new variant of corona infection is infecting people at speed. Meanwhile, relief information has surfaced. Recently, Dr Qutub Mahmood, an expert and virologist from Washington, said that the epidemic cannot last forever and its end is very close.

Along with this, Dr Qutub also told that there is no winner in this game of chess, it is like a draw match, where the infection will hide and we will really win and get rid of the facemask soon. So, hopefully, we move on again. Same India has set a new record by applying 156 crore vaccines till the first anniversary of the nationwide corona vaccination campaign that started on 16 January 2021. On this, Dr Qutub said that vaccine is the most powerful weapon to fight against corona. We have weapons like vaccines, antivirals and antibodies that we have used against the infection, he said.

Giving an example of chess, virologist Dr Qutub Mahmood explained that the transition is going on with its own tricks and we humans are also trying to defeat it with our moves. Our moves are very small such as wearing face masks, hand sanitiser usage and social distances. It is through these moves that we have to beat the corona. He further explained that if any further mutants come, we have no need to be afraid of them. If the entire population is vaccinated, we can all be safe from any infection slated to come.

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