Indore: Children infected with coronavirus, found 12 patients of sub-variant BA.2 of Omicron

Indore: The havoc of omicron in Indore is increasing rapidly. With the omicron here, cases of its sub-variants BA.1 and BA.2 have now been reported. Let us tell you that 12 patients of the sub-variant BA.2 of Omicron have been found in the city. There are also 6 children on this list. Let us all know that the BA.2 strain spreads the fastest. Yes, and its infection affects the patient's lungs the most. Let you tell everyone that the lungs of the newly arrived patients have also been infected from 5% to 40%.

At the same time, the Indore health department is also expressing concern after the cases of Omicron BA.2 came to light. Let us tell you all that this variant, different from the coronavirus and omicron, is different because this strain has more effect on the lungs. Yes, and this strain is also being called the BA.2 sub-strain or 'stealth' i.e. the hidden version, which has been found in more than 40 countries. Let us also tell you that the lungs of a 17-year-old patient admitted to Aurobindo Hospital, who suffer from it, have been found to be infected by up to 40%. With this, two patients are in the ICU. It is being said that these patients have to be admitted to the hospital along with oxygen.

In addition to these, omicron BA.1 has been confirmed in 4 patients. At the same time, Dr Ravi Dosi of Aurobindo Hospital says that "the first sub-variant of Omicron came BA.1. The same variant has now been rotated to BA.2. It had no lung involve action at all until January 6. Since then, 12 such patients have come so far, in which BA.2 has been found, up to 40 per cent of their lungs have been infected. The worrying thing is that patients have to be admitted with the facility of oxygen. Two people are in the ICU.

Infection in the lungs is a matter of concern. However, patients who have received both doses of the vaccine are safe. Most importantly, the BA.2 sub-strain can also avoid the RT-PCR test. Yes, and the stealth omicron has created fears of a more intense wave throughout Europe. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Omicron variant has three sub-strains - BA.1, BA.2, and BA.3. While the BA.1 sub-strain is the most special among the omicron infections reported worldwide, the Ba.2 sub-strain is spreading rapidly. At the same time, foreign health experts have called BA.2 a 'variant under investigation,' which is made up of the strain declared 'variant of concern.'

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