Omicron spreading through air, claim experts

Mumbai: The threat of new corona variants in the country now seems to be on the rise. Two more cases of omicron swung into light last Monday. Both the cases are said to have been reported in Maharashtra and since then the total number of omicron infected patients in the state has now gone up to 10. On the other hand, the total number of omicron cases in the country has gone up to 23. Now, amidst all this, the Maharashtra government has said that the case has been confirmed in a 37-year-old person in the state. He returned from South Africa on November 25. The second case has been confirmed in a 36-year-old woman who returned from the US. It is said that these two are friends. Both of them have been found infected even after getting the Pfizer vaccine and are undergoing treatment at 7 Hills Hospital in Mumbai.

There have been shocking news between all of them which is from Hong Kong. A study here claims that the Omicron variant in Hong Kong is spreading by air and infecting people. The news has created panic among the people. That according to a study published in the Emerging Infectious DiseaseJournal, two passengers were infected with omicrons despite having a quarantine in a Hong Kong hotel, after which experts have confirmed the spread of the infection from the air.

Talking about omicron cases, a total of 10 cases have been reported in Maharashtra so far. Out of this list, 3 cases have been found in Mumbai and seven in Pune. In Pune, 6 of those infected with 7 omicron variants belong to only one family. In addition, one case each has been reported in Delhi-Gujarat and 2 cases have been reported from Karnataka. In Rajasthan, 9 cases have been found.

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