How bad is Omicron? Researchers are looking into any potential of Vaccine
How bad is Omicron? Researchers are looking into any potential of Vaccine

New Delhi: The omicron variant of corona infection is still being researched to see how deadly it is compared to the previous Delta variant. Meanwhile, the Africa Health Research Institute in South Africa is doing research on omicrons and vaccinations on the Pfizer vaccine. According to the research, two doses of the Pfizer vaccine had a partial effect on omicron.

The study also found that the variant was eliminated in the majority of cases where the person received both vaccination doses and had previously been ineffective. The study also suggests that vaccination variants can be eliminated in the booster dosage. Professor Alex Sigal of the Africa Healthy Research Institute remarked on Twitter that the case of neutralising the omicron variety, which is greater than the earlier Corona train, has decreased significantly.


According to them, the lab tested the blood of 12 people who had taken a Pfizer Biotech vaccination. Five out of six people who had received a dose of vaccination and had previously suffered from corona variations were able to neutralise the omicron variant. Sigal stated, "The findings that have come in are really favourable from what I was thinking." The more antibodies you have, the more chances you'll have to cope with omicrons. Sigal also stated that the lab has yet to examine those who have gotten a vaccination booster dose. Such people do not yet exist in South Africa.

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