Omicron was in Germany, Belgium before S. Africa: Report

London: While countries such as Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands were "punishing" South Africa for discovering the new Omicron variant by imposing travel bans, sources suggest that European countries such as Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands already had the super mutant strain.

On November 24, South African health officials alerted the globe to the existence of the new variant B.1.1.529, which contains 32 mutations. The World Health Organization (WHO) designated the variant the Greek symbol Omicron two days later, stating that the new strain may represent a higher risk of reinfection than previous virus variants.

The B.1.1.529 variant was found in all 77 viral samples tested in Gauteng, South Africa, between November 12 and 20, according to genome sequencing and other genetic studies. Sample testing in Belgium and Germany, however, have now confirmed that the variation was present in these nations prior to November 24, according to CBS news.

The affected person has already visited Egypt, according to Belgian authorities. On Twitter, Belgian public health specialist Marc Van Ranst tweeted, "In Belgium, one sample was confirmed as the unique B.1.1.529 variation (in a returning traveller from Egypt (11/11); first symptoms on 22/11."

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