On 23rd November, the sankranti chaturthi of the month of Margasirsha, you must read this story

This time on Tuesday, 23rd November, 2021, the Sankranti Chaturthi, which falls on the Krishna side of the month of Margasirsha, the month of Aghan. Ganapati ji is worshipped on this day. In that case, today we are going to tell you the story of Sankranti Chaturthi. It is said that reading or listening to this story destroys all sins and proves the desired work.

The story of Sankranti Chaturthi- Once Mother Parvati went for a bath, she stood lord Ganesha at the door and said that no one could come in. But then, after some time, When Lord Shiva reached there, Ganesha stopped him from entering. Lord Shiva got angry and separated Ganesha's head from his torso with his trident. Mother Parvati was deeply saddened to see the plight of her son Ganesha and insisted on shivaji reviving her son. 

When Mother Parvati made a lot of requests to Shiva, Lord Ganesha was given another life by putting the elephant's head on it. Since then his name has been Gajmukh, Gajanan. From this day on, Lord Ganapati also had the distinction of being the first to be worshipped and blessed that all the troubles of any devotee or deity who worships and fasts to you will be removed and the desire will be fulfilled. From then on, the Sankranti Chaturthi fast was observed and on this day, the wishes of the Ganpati who worships Bappa are fulfilled.

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