On first date, men noticed these 5 things in women, are you have these qualities…

Apr 01 2019 01:35 PM
On first date, men noticed these 5 things in women, are you have these qualities…

First impression is called Last Impression because the person brings his personality to the public that image remains in others' mind. For the first time people come to know that you are a kind of person. Therefore, should be very careful while meeting someone. One of your mistakes can get wrong impression on anyone. These things have to be kept in mind when you are going on a date with someone. Some things about girls are instantly noticed by the boys. However, most girls are unaware of these things, but boys judge them on the basis of those things. 


The real beauty of girls is their smile. Words do not need to say everything. Some things are also said by Smile. If the girl laughs aloud while talking to you, then this means girls are taking an interest in you and they like your words. So boys notice a lot of girls' smile.

Confidence of girls

Boys like Confidant Girls, they likes those girl who have confidence and who are self-sufficient. They like little less those feel nervous. If the girl has these two characteristics, then the boy gets impressed very quickly with them.

Dressing Sense

Boy or girl dressing senses should be good, because this is something that the two people notice in each other. Especially the boys do noticed a lot of good dressing senses for girls. Girls are also  attracted to them with good dressing senses. Carrying clothes well is also an art that does not belong to everyone. If the girl specializes in it then the boys will be immediately impressed by them.


Apart from this, the boys make the most notice about girls make-up. Girls do not like sunny  make-up, they like  Simple girls at least makeup. Believe me, mascara and light lipstick can make your boy crazy. Therefore, girls avoid overcoming make-up by meeting the boys.

The figure does not notice

Most girls think that boys like slim trim girls, which are a myth. Actually boys do not like too much lean girls or too fat girls. That's why they do not gives special attention to the figure. If you are a girl, then by reading this article you will understand what to look at when meeting any boy and what to present themselves in front of them.

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