On-screen, PadMan installs sanitary pad vending machine in Mumbai


Mumbai: The new superhero in the Indian film industry, ‘PadMan ‘Akshay Kumar has moved beyond his on-screen role doing his greatest by taken step to spread the awareness of menstrual hygiene through best actions that validate his stand on this crucial issue.

The  Khiladi-50-year-old actor put his indistinguishable efforts and installed a sanitary pad vending machine at Mumbai Central's ST Bus Depot on Thursday, with the association of the Chairperson of the Shiv Sena and President of Yuva Sena, Aditya Thackeray.

Akshay Kumar , along with Aditya Thackerey, was present at the installation of the machine and later posted a picture saying that he hopes to place more such facilities from corner to corner of the state and ultimately, expectantly across the entire nation.

 Movie PadMan is based on the life of the social entrepreneur cum activist Arunachalam Muruganantham, who is renowned for revolutionizing sanitary hygiene in rural India more than 20 years ago by inventing the machine to make reasonable sanitary pads.

He was a school drop-out and son of a textile worker, who fashioned out an reasonably priced sanitary pad out of cotton-wool and cloth, when he saw his wife put on rags in her menstrual period.


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