On the growing case of corona across the country... Center gave advice to the state
On the growing case of corona across the country... Center gave advice to the state

After the arrival of the new variant JN.1 of Covid-19, the pandemic that has killed millions of people across the world, in India, fear is increasing rapidly among people. Its first case came to light in Kerala, after which Corona cases have started increasing once again in the state. 111 new cases of Covid-19 were also found here on Monday (December 18). After which the Central Government has issued an advisory saying that there is no need to panic at the moment but caution will have to be exercised. Governments especially in Kerala's neighboring states Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Goa are also on alert. Mock drill has been conducted in hospitals of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The Karnataka government has issued an advisory making it necessary for the elderly and patients suffering from comorbidities to wear masks.

Highest number of patients in Kerala:  News says that according to the Health Ministry, the number of corona patients in Kerala alone has increased to 1,634. Along with this, one person has also lost his life due to Corona in Kerala. With this, the number of deaths due to Covid virus in the state has increased to 72 thousand 53 in the last 3 years. 

States advised to keep vigil: Reports say that the Center has asked the states and union territories to keep a constant vigil amid the increase in Corona cases in the country and the emergence of the first case of the JN.1 variant. Hospitals have also been asked to immediately inform the health department about patients suffering from symptoms of corona infection. The Center has asked all health facilities to monitor and report district-based cases of influenza-like illness (ILI) and severe acute respiratory illness (SARI) on a regular basis for early detection of cases. 

Union Health Secretary Sudhansh Pant has said in a letter to the states and union territories that "due to continuous and collaborative work between the central and state governments, we were able to reduce the number of cases (of Corona)." Writing that, "However, the outbreak of Corona virus is still going on. Therefore, it is important to maintain surveillance to effectively deal with public health challenges.

First case of new variant in Kerala: Pant has said that recently there has been a slight increase in the number of corona cases in some states like Kerala. The first case of JN.1 variant of corona virus in India was reported in Kerala on 8 December. A 79 year old woman was found infected with it. Earlier, a traveler from Tiruchirappalli district of Tamil Nadu was found infected with the JN.1 variant in Singapore. He traveled to Singapore in October.

The Center has asked the states to report and monitor district-wise SARI and ILI cases on a regular basis. States were advised to ensure adequate testing, including RT-PCR tests in greater numbers. Besides, advice has also been given to send positive samples to INSACOG laboratories for genome sequencing.

What is the status of Corona in India?: According to the data of the Union Health Ministry, 260 new cases of Covid infection have been registered in India (till Monday), while the active cases have increased to 1,828. The number of people who lost their lives due to Covid was recorded at 5 lakh 33 thousand 317. Due to which the number of Covid cases in the country is 4.50 crore (4,50,05,076). According to the Health Ministry website, the number of people recovering from the disease has increased to 4 crore 44 lakh 69 thousand 931 and the national recovery rate is 98.81 percent. The death rate in Covid is 1.19 percent. Reports say that 220.67 crore doses of Covid vaccines have been given in the country.

New sub-variant of Covid found first in Europe: Not only this, the first infection of sub-variant JN.1 of Corona virus occurred in the European country Luxembourg. From here it spread to many countries. This sub-variant is related to the Pirolo variant (BA.2.86). Its most dangerous thing is that the cause of infection is the rapid mutation of the virus. Especially there are more mutations in the spike protein. This is the reason why it is being said to be dangerous even against the immunity of the human body. That is why governments are being cautious.

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