Onam 2023: Exploring the Splendor and Significance of Kerala's Harvest Festival
Onam 2023: Exploring the Splendor and Significance of Kerala's Harvest Festival

Marking its presence in the heart of Kerala, the revered festival of Onam is poised to grace the year 2023 with its vibrant and joyous celebrations. Commencing on August 20th, the festivities will culminate in the grand Thiruvonam on August 31st. As per the Drik Panchang, the auspicious Thiruvonam Nakshatram will commence at 2:43 am on August 29th and conclude at 11:50 pm.

Onam, deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of Kerala, transforms the entire state into a vivacious realm of jubilation and merriment. The atmosphere resonates with the melodies of trumpets, drums, and the rhythmic pulse of boat races. The canvas of celebrations is painted with mesmerizing dance performances, intricate artistry, soulful music, resplendent floral decorations, vibrant lights, a kaleidoscope of colors, sacred rituals, and the sumptuous Onasadya feast--a vital element that bestows completeness to the revelry. The spirit of Onam extends its embrace far beyond the borders of Kerala, captivating the hearts of people across the nation, regardless of their regional background.

Originating from the sacred land of Kerala, Onam is a time-honored festival cherished by all Malayalis, a celebration that seamlessly blends religious devotion with cultural expressions. Nestled within the month of Chingam in the Malayalam Calendar, this festival coincides with the months of August and September in the Gregorian calendar. In the year 2023, the festivities will span from August 28th to August 31st.

Historical Roots and Symbolism of Onam Festival

Onam, spanning over ten glorious days, is a festival that reverberates through the Hindu cultural landscape. At its core, it is a harvest festival that commemorates the legendary King Mahabali—an enigmatic figure known for his boundless generosity and benevolent heart. His ascendancy and popularity evoked envy among the celestial deities, leading to a transformative episode.

Immersing himself in the devotion of Lord Vishnu, King Mahabali invoked the goodwill of the divine. In response, Lord Vishnu manifested as Vamana, a dwarf in the form of a Brahmin. Disguised as Vamana, Lord Vishnu approached Mahabali and humbly requested a mere "three paces" of land. King Mahabali, true to his benevolence, granted the request. In a remarkable turn of events, Vamana expanded to encompass the entire cosmos in three steps. These steps symbolized the heavens, the earth, and the netherworld.

Thiruvonam, the pinnacle of the ten-day festival, shines with exceptional significance. "Onakalikal," a term denoting festive games, takes center stage during this time. These engaging activities encompass the Thala Panthu Kali ball game, the archery contest known as Ambeyyal, and the majestic Vallamkali boat race—a spectacle where hundreds of boatmen participate.

The festival also resonates with the captivating charm of traditional folk dances, capturing the essence of King Mahabali's legendary reign. An elephant procession graces the festivities, as elegantly adorned pachyderms gracefully dance in unison with the celebrants.

Rituals and Customs of the Onam Festival

Kerala's traditional approach to Onam entails crafting intricate flower carpets at the thresholds of homes, a gesture that welcomes prosperity and harmony. Elaborate home decorations, the meticulous preparation of trays for worship, and the donning of special attire constitute customary modes of engagement. The attire worn on Onam, known as "Onakkodi," is a cherished tradition in itself.

The festival branches into a plethora of sub-events, including the enthralling Vallam Kalli boat races, the captivating Pulikkali (tiger dance), the artistic Pookkalam (flower carpet), the evocative Onathappan, the enchanting Thumbi Thullai dance, the melodic Onavillu, the exhilarating Kazchakkula, and more. Streets and public spaces come alive with diverse traditional performances, such as the men embodying tigers in their vibrant Pulikali costumes.

Culinary Delights of Onam: The Onasadya Feast

The pinnacle of culinary artistry is achieved on the day of Onam with the sumptuous Onasadya feast. A lavish spread of delicacies graces the traditional banana leaves, encompassing a nine-course extravaganza that features delectable dishes like rasam, sambhar, and an array of rice-based treats. Notably, some renowned restaurants extend their menus to feature up to 30 dishes for Onasadya.

Unveiling Onam Pookalam and the Joyous "Onam Ashamsakal"

Pookalam, a radiant tapestry of flowers akin to a floral rangoli, adorns the front of households, celebrating the spirit of Onam in an artistic flourish. Athapookalam and Onapookalam are alternative terms for this vibrant creation. Drawing Pookalam on Onam is considered an auspicious act, an artistic gesture that encapsulates the festival's essence. The traditional way to extend Onam greetings is by proclaiming "Onam Ashamsakal."

A Decade of Celebrations: The Ten Days of Onam

The ten-day jubilation unfolds with each day holding its own unique significance:

Atham (August 20, 2023): Commencing with Atham, festivities initiate at the Vamanamoorthy Thirrikara Temple in Kochi. The Athachamayam grand procession symbolizes the preparation for Mahabali's arrival. Athapoo, a single-layer Pookalam, marks the day's artistic commencement.

Chithira (August 21, 2023): The second day, Chithira, sees two more layers of flowers gracing the Pookalam. People engage in house cleaning and temple visits.

Chodhi (August 22, 2023): The third day, Chodhi, witnesses the acquisition of new attire, Onakkodi. Women adorn themselves in Kasavu Sarees, while men sport Mundu and young girls wear Pattu Pavada. Shopping for jewels and garments and adding a third layer to the Pookalam are integral to the day.

Vishakam (August 23, 2023): This auspicious day heralds the preparation of Onasadya, as women gather ingredients from bustling markets, often hosting harvest sales. Onasadya, a bountiful spread, fills the traditional plantain leaf to capacity.

Anizham (August 24, 2023): Pamba River ripples with excitement as the Vallamkali snake boat races commence. The Pookalam flourishes further as the day progresses.

Thriketta (August 25, 2023): Fresh blossoms embellish the Pookalam, while families reconnect with their ancestral homes, exchanging gifts and bonding.

Moolam (August 26, 2023): Onasadya offerings gain momentum, and shorter versions of the Sadya emerge. Pulikali and Kaikottukali dance forms grace various locales in Kerala, setting the stage for a vibrant ambiance.

Pooradam (August 27, 2023): The day inaugurates with the installation of clay statues depicting Mahabali and Vamana at the Pookalam's heart, symbolizing Mahabali's invitation to visit every home. The Pookalam burgeons into intricate beauty.

Uthradam (August 28, 2023): Preparations peak, welcoming the imminent arrival of King Mahabali. This evening marks the First Onam, an ideal time for purchasing fresh produce. The day's traditional belief asserts Mahabali's Kerala arrival.

Thiruvonam (August 29, 2023): A day of grandeur and auspiciousness. Homes are adorned with rice flour batter, an age-old welcome gesture. Dressed in new attire, people gather to partake in the blessings of King Mahabali, with the completed Pookalam forming a vibrant backdrop to the Onasadya feast.

Expressing Onam Wishes: Variations for Friends and Family

The traditional salutation, "Onam Ashamsakal," resonates with the essence of the festival. The act of extending warm Onam wishes to friends and family holds immense significance, shaping the tone of the day and fostering closer connections. Embrace this opportunity to brighten someone's day with these heartwarming wishes:

"May the spirit of Onam infuse every facet of your life with joy and positivity. Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed and joyous Onam celebration!"

Customize your wishes to match your unique bond with each individual. Here's to a joyous and fulfilling Onam celebration for all!

Onam transcends its regional origins, evolving into a universally celebrated occasion that bridges divides of caste and creed. The celebrations resonate most profoundly within the Malayali communities, where Onam stands as a symphony of harmony, cheer, and boundless exuberance.

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