A red onion will cure running nose!

Jul 26 2019 08:28 PM
A red onion will cure running nose!

It is important to take care of your health during this changing season. In the changing seasons, you are experiencing colds and runny noses. Especially children have this problem early. Drifting nose is not able to find mind in any work and the infection causes it due to other diseases. This requires that you keep your own attention well. So today we've brought you a small recipe that will help you get a minute's relief from a runny nose.

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Ingredients for recipe making

- Red Onion
- Honey
- A bowl
- Refrigerator

Drug making method

- First, peel off an onion of dark red and cut it into pieces.

- Apply honey with your hands on onion pieces or dip it in honey and apply honey well.

- Place these pieces of onion honey in the fridge for overnight.

- Remove it from the refrigerator in the morning and keep it aside.

- After half an hour, when the temperature of the onion is back to normal, eat it and also eat the remaining honey in the bowl.

- One-time use will relieve you of colds and stop the nostrils.

Be careful
When the chopped raw onion is left open, it is fast-moving, so never use the already harvested onion. To make this home medicine, cover the bowl immediately after cutting and keep it in the refrigerator.

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