You Need This 1 Home Remedy To Prevent many diseases During Monsoon

The rain also knocks down a number of diseases that require attention. You can also use home-to-house methods to avoid diseases. Such weather is the most frequent cold and cough. Bacteria and viral infections occur and you become a victim of diseases. To avoid these, you need to strengthen your immune system so that no illness can touch you. So we're going to tell you how an onion can cure your illness.

Onion Bike Help
This can help you get relief from many viral infections in the rain. Take a small onion for this. Cut it into small and thin pieces.

Soak these pieces in water for 5 to 6 hours. Use this paste twice a day. Regular use of it for a few days will relieve you of cold and strengthen your immune system. This will keep you away from many diseases.

In addition, you can add honey to it. Keep in mind that its quantity is not high. A teaspoon is a sufficient quantity. It helps to remove toxins from the throat as well as open the closed nose and increases immunity.

If there is mucus with cough, mix the pepper with desi ghee and eat it. In addition, you can also cut ginger into small pieces and eat it with salt for this trouble. All these desi remedies will provide relief from colds and coughs.

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