Onion juice is beneficial for hair, learn how to use

Sep 10 2019 09:08 PM
Onion juice is beneficial for hair, learn how to use

Whether it is boys or girls, the beauty of one's face depends to a large extent on hair. The problems of hair loss have become more and more important and it is very important to take care of them. If you also want beautiful and healthy hair, then start applying onion juice to your hair. Today we are going to give some tips for this, which you can use to make hair stronger.

Increases hair length
If you want long hair, then apply onion juice on the head at least twice a week. You can apply it directly to the scalp with the help of cotton. If desired, make a pack by mixing it with coconut oil and apply it on the hair for 15 minutes and then shampoo it.

Makes hair thick
Onion juice contains abundant sulfur, which improves the blood circulation of scalp. This helps in growing new hair and increases hair volume.

Brings shine to hair
Your hair is long and thick but it does not have the shine that you want, even then you should apply onion juice in your hair. For this, take equal quantity of onion juice and coconut oil according to the length of your hair and mix a few drops of olive oil in it. Apply it well on whole hair including roots for 30 minutes twice a week.

Beneficial for scalp skin
Onion juice has antibacterial properties. When we apply it in the roots of hair or scalp, it does not allow any fungal infection to develop in the skin of the head. Due to this, the skin of our head becomes healthy and the hair gets good growth and strength.

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