Nature started to extinguish the fire of Australia's forests

Feb 13 2020 05:49 PM
Nature started to extinguish the fire of Australia's forests

Australia's forests have been on fire for quite some time. In which rain has given relief. This has completely extinguished the fire in the forests of New South Wales province of Australia. But due to heavy rains for many days, many dams in the province have been buried. A spokesman for the New South Wales Rural Fire Service said, "The fire in the province's forests has been extinguished everywhere. The rain helped to control the fire.

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33 people have lost their lives in the fire in the forests of Eastern and Southern Australia since last September. Millions of animals were killed due to this fire. More than two and a half thousand houses were destroyed. The trees and plants of about one crore hectare area got burnt. Due to the fire in the forests, there was a serious crisis in many cities including Sydney. Deputy Commissioner of Fire Services Rob Rogers said, "There is still some fire in the southern part of the state." The fire has not completely extinguished even in the forests near the capital Canberra.

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On Thursday, due to several days of rain, many dams in New South Wales were filled to the brim. Water is now flowing over the dams. The Nepean Dam, located near Sydney, the province's capital, is flooded with excess capacity. The condition of the Talova and Brogo Dam is the same.

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