China conducts door to door survey in Wuhan city due to this reason

Feb 13 2020 05:36 PM
China conducts door to door survey in Wuhan city due to this reason

India's neighboring country is being investigated from house to house to detect the coronavirus patients in Wuhan city of China. During this time, if symptoms of coronavirus are being found in a patient, then he is being admitted to the hospital immediately. Such hospitals have been built by the government at all places. Now one thing is also coming to the fore that the number of patients who have been infected by the coronavirus is increasing day by day. According to the Global Times report, agencies in Wuhan city alone have inspected 10.6 million people. In this, coronavirus patients have been confirmed in 16 thousand 568.

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According to the media report, Japan's Health Minister said that 14 thousand 596 suspected patients have been found during the investigation. Out of these, 17 thousand 473 people have come in contact with those exposed to the virus. During the investigation, 7961 patients were found suffering from fever. Coronavirus patients started appearing in China from January. The spread of this disease is being attributed to infection.

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When the number of patients dying from this infection started increasing, then steps were started to be taken by the government. In view of the outbreak of the disease, new hospital records were prepared in time by the administration at two places. Open gymnasiums and stadiums were also converted into hospitals. Patients suffering from corona are being treated at all these places. Those people who are getting symptoms of corona are being admitted to the hospital immediately. They are being treated by keeping them in the isolation ward. Now the World Health Organization has also become serious on this disease. The heads of the organization are deeply concerned about this disease, on their behalf, other countries have also been advised to protect their citizens from this disease.

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