Now Corona will be FINISHED, Scientists identify six potential drugs for COVID-19 treatment
Now Corona will be FINISHED, Scientists identify six potential drugs for COVID-19 treatment

The war is on to find Corona medicines around the world. Scientists have succeeded in identifying six possible drugs towards the treatment of coronavirus. These drugs, identified from more than ten thousand compounds, are expected to help in the treatment of corona.

According to a study published in the journal Nature, the effects of these drugs identified in clinical trials and other compounds have been tested. It was found that these drugs can help in the treatment of corona. Professor Luke Goodat of Queensland University, Australia, said that in the current era there is no effective treatment option for the coronavirus. We have started a program in laboratories to test the drug from these compounds towards clinical use.

Regarding this research, Professor Luke Goodat said that we are also using an advanced computer software to find out how these different drugs can deal with the virus. Researchers said that the enzyme of the Kovid-19 virus has been introduced in this program. This enzyme is known as protease or mepro. This protease plays an important role in replication of the virus. Also, he said that after testing thousands of drugs, six such drugs have been identified, which have been shown to be effective in stopping this enzyme. Luke said, 'We are also looking at important information from clinical trials related to prevention and treatment of disorders like heart disease, arthritis, stroke and cancer. We are hopeful that Kovid-19 drug may be discovered in the coming time.

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