Outcry Over CM Bhupesh Baghel's 'Small Incident' Comment on Murders of 9 Opposition Leaders !
Outcry Over CM Bhupesh Baghel's 'Small Incident' Comment on Murders of 9 Opposition Leaders !

Raipur: BJP leader Ratan Dubey was brutally murdered in Bastar, two days before the election voting in Chhattisgarh, and when Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel was asked for an answer on this, he casually called it a small incident.

While talking to the media, CM Baghel first expressed condolences towards Ratan Dubey's family and then said, in his laudatory manner, that due to his force, the Naxalite influence has reduced. People go to far away areas. But such isolated incidents are also happening. In the video that surfaced, he can be heard saying - 'A district-level officer has died. I express my condolences to the entire family but due to continuous pressure from our forces, the Naxalites have retreated. It cannot be denied that sporadic incidents are happening at some places. But there is a world of difference between the earlier situation and now.


After the Chief Minister said such a thing, people are watching his video and asking that a person was killed in a brutal manner, and this seems like a small incident to them. One user says - Small incident. Whenever something happens to Congressmen, that incident becomes big for them.

One user said that Bhupesh Baghel's government was unable to save Chhattisgarh from Naxal violence; hence the public has lost faith in it.

Ratan Dubey was murdered by Naxalites in Bastar, Chhattisgarh, amid a crowded crowd after the election campaign on the evening of November 4. Reports said that after the promotion was over, a cockfight was organized near the stage, due to which a crowd had gathered there. Meanwhile, a group of men disguised as villagers quietly separated from the crowd and started coming near the stage.

Dubey immediately saw them and sensed the danger. He jumped off the stage and started running away. Due to the uproar, the villagers also looked there and saw that a group of people carrying guns, daggers, and axes were chasing Dubey. After chasing him for some distance, a Naxalite shot Dubey from behind. As soon as he fell down, he was attacked from behind with a dagger and an axe. This incident happened around 5:30 pm, 5 kilometers away from Jarghati police station. Police is investigating this matter.

Earlier on January 16, BJP worker Budhram Karatam was murdered. After this, BJP leader Neelkanth Kakkam was killed. On 10-11 February, Vice President Sag Sahu of Narayanpur and Ramdhar Alami were murdered in Dantewada.

Nine BJP leaders have been murdered in the last nine months:-

Let us tell you that in the last nine months, nine BJP leaders have been murdered in Chhattisgarh. On January 16, suspicious death of BJP leader Budhram Kartam took place in Kanker. On February 5, Naxalites murdered BJP Mandal President Neelkanth Kakkem in Bijapur after going to his wedding ceremony. On February 10, Narayanpur BJP District President Sagar Sahu was killed by Naxalites. On 11 February, former Deputy Sarpanch of Dantewada Ramdhar Alami was murdered by Naxalites. On June 21, Kaka Arjun, District General Secretary of BJP's ST Morcha, was murdered by Naxalites by slitting his throat. On August 18, Naxalites killed Rama Punem, a resident of Chinnagelur in Bijapur district, accusing him of being a police informer. On August 21, BJP leader Mahesh Gota was kidnapped and murdered by Naxalites from Chikat Raj hill. On October 20, BJP worker Birju Taram was murdered in Mohla Manpur assembly constituency. On November 4, Naxalites killed BJP District Vice President Ratan Dubey in Narayanpur by killing him with an axe. Despite this, the Chief Minister is saying that these are isolated incidents. 

Is it not a big question that the opposition, i.e. BJP leaders, are being targeted by Naxalites in a Congress-ruled state? Mostly it has been seen that the thinking of Naxalites and Maoists is against the government, but here they are targeting the opposition. So is it possible that these Naxalites have the protection of the government, and the government itself is using the Naxalites as a weapon to remove their rivals? Because there have been no incidents of targeting of Congress leaders by Naxalites in the state. And on top of that, the Chief Minister is shamelessly calling the murder of nine opposition leaders in nine months as an isolated incident.

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