700 centers closed in the state due to shortage of corona vaccine

Apr 08 2021 03:24 PM
700 centers closed in the state due to shortage of corona vaccine

The corona epidemic has caused a huge stir across the country, which has led to a dangerous shortage of corona vaccines in different parts of the country. After Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, the same situation has now come from Odisha. The situation is so bad that 700 out of 1400 vaccination centers had to be closed due to a shortage of vaccines in Odisha. Now, the Health Minister of the State has written to the Central Government in this regard.

Odisha Health Minister Nab Kishore Das says vaccination has been stopped at many places in the state, we have only two days of stock left. If new stocks do not come in, vaccination will come to a standstill across the state. According to the Odisha Minister, he now has 5. There are 34 lakh vaccine doses. Two and a half lakh doses are installed daily in their state, which means the stock will be exhausted in two days. We have demanded the Centre to send at least 25 lakh doses immediately so that their work can be carried out for the next 10 days.

The Health Minister claims that he had earlier requested the Centre to give 15 lakh vaccines, but no reply could be received. In Odisha, immunization in-charge Bijya Panigarhi says that earlier 400 centers were closed due to shortage of vaccine, now the number has gone up to 700. According to Vijay, we had set a target of vaccinating 2 lakh people on Wednesday, but we are only 1.10 lakh vaccines were detected. There are many cities in Odisha where vaccination has come to a complete standstill.

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