Over 1,000 Pilgrims Die Amid Extreme Heat During Hajj
Over 1,000 Pilgrims Die Amid Extreme Heat During Hajj

Jeddah:  Over 1,000 pilgrims have died during this year's Hajj in Mecca as the city experiences extreme heat, as reported. Thousands more are being treated for heatstroke, with temperatures soaring to 49 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit).

Unregistered pilgrims constitute more than half of the fatalities. An Arab diplomat stated that 658 of the deceased were from Egypt, with 630 of them being unregistered. Sources also reported 90 deaths from India. Other countries, including Jordan, Indonesia, Iran, Senegal, and Tunisia, have also reported pilgrim deaths. In addition to the fatalities, several pilgrims are missing, with social media platforms like Facebook flooded with pictures and requests for information about the missing individuals.

This year’s Hajj, one of the largest religious gatherings in the world, has attracted over 1.8 million participants, according to Saudi government estimates. To mitigate the impact of the intense heat, Hajj officials have advised pilgrims to carry umbrellas and stay hydrated. The Saudi army has deployed over 1,600 personnel with medical units to assist heatstroke victims, along with 30 rapid response teams, CNN reported. Additionally, 5,000 health and first aid volunteers have been stationed throughout the area.

Last year, the Hajj saw 240 reported deaths, primarily involving Indonesian pilgrims. On Monday, the National Meteorological Centre recorded a high of 51.8 degrees Celsius at the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Studies indicate that temperatures in the region are increasing by 0.4 degrees Celsius per decade.

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