Over a wife stubbornness to stay in Maternal home; husband took this horrific step

Apr 27 2019 01:22 PM
Over a wife stubbornness to stay in Maternal home; husband took this horrific step

Uttar Pradesh : Differences between husband and wife often happen. But after the battle between a husband and wife get crucial  the husband has hanged herself. The reason for this fight between the two is being explained as the stubbornness of the wife's maiden. This incident happened in Ballia in Uttar Pradesh. According to the police, Ajay Kumar wanted to bring his wife to her house and she went to be in her parents' house. When Ajay Kumar's wife refused to accompany him he hanged himself. There was a dispute between Ajay Kumar and his wife about something and often used to have a fight between them.

Ajay Kumar lived in a rented house in Pannalal Katra area on Bilthara Road. On Wednesday, Ajay's body was found in from his bathroom. According to the police, the body of Ajay Kumar got hanged from the door of the bathroom of his house. Ajay Kumar was 39 years old and he was working as Accountant in Balthrod. Ajay Kumar was working on this post for a year and he had rented the house near his office.

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 According to the police, there was a fight between Ajay Kumar and his wife for a long time. After the quarrel, Ajay's wife refused to go home with him and wanted to stay in the maiden. Ajay Kumar try a lot with his wife's insistence and he tried very hard to take his wife home with him. Even after convincing his wife she did not accept it. After being angry, Ajay committed suicide by hanging himself in his house on Wednesday.

While informing about the incident, Police in-charge Yogendra Singh said that Ajay had been in-laws to get his wife's departure for some time before. But Ajay's wife refused to go home with him because of the battle-dispute. After which Ajay took these steps. Singh informed that as soon as the police got information about the accident, the police reached the spot and took the dead body. Now the body has been sent to the post-mortem. In the initial investigation, this is a case of suicide and after the post mortem report, the real reason for death can be ascertained. 

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