Revealed: Pakistani High Commission promoting terrorism and fake currency in India

New Delhi: Pakistan is always trying to destabilize India. It has also been revealed in a report. Nearly three years after demonetisation, Pakistan is now working to harm India through new fake notes. Pakistan is sending large amounts of counterfeit notes to India again using the same routes as a large quantity of counterfeit currency from Pakistan was transported to India before 2016 through their gangs, their syndicates and routes.

Surprisingly, Pakistan has been misusing diplomatic channels to bring and distribute counterfeit Indian currency in Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries. According to sources, Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI has now developed the art of printing better than the copies of the forged notes. So that better quality fake currency consignments can be sent to India. Pakistan is using different factions to send fake notes to India.

On September 22, fake currency worth 1 crore was recovered from pro-Khalistan pro-Khalistan Zindabad force. Police also recovered 5 AK-47 rifles, 30 bore pistols, 9 hand grenades, 5 satellite phones, 2 mobile phones from this group. All this material was transported through Pakistani drones. Many ISI agents have been caught in Nepal, Bangladesh and Gulf countries.

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