Pakhi tells Anupama that she is a house breaker, 29th July, Anupamaa
Pakhi tells Anupama that she is a house breaker, 29th July, Anupamaa

In the latest episode, Pakhi shouts at Kinjal saying she is Anupama's puppet. Vanraj tells her that saying she's going overboard. Hasmukh takes little Anu away. Anupama asks Pakhi to mind her language and tells her that she couldn’t stay the night at the Kapadia house because Vanraj didn't want her to be there. Pakhi tells her that she only sent her out when Barkha was the only one who encouraged her. 

Baa warns Pakhi to talk properly with her mother. Pakhi tells her that she did’nt behave with Anupama all these years. Anupama asks Pakhi who she is to stop her from going to the house as it is also hers. Anupama tells Baa to let Pakhi speak as it is between her and her daughter. Pakhi says she's the worst mother who is ravening only for money. She says Anupama considers herself before her children. Anupama asks her if she feels bad her mother isn't running around requesting for food and all. Pakhi tells her that she's a home breaker. Anupama trip up in shock. 

Rakhi says Pakhi is telling the truth and tells that she would be even more shocked when Anupama adopted Anu from nowhere. Kavya says Pakhi is manner less because her father didn’t stop her. Vanraj tells her to stop giving lectures. Toshu blames Anupama for the situation. Baa shouts saying Anupama and Anuj Kapadia will not visit the house. Anupama gets shocked.

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