Pakistan designed missile to target India, capable enough to carry Nuclear Weapon
Pakistan designed missile to target India, capable enough to carry Nuclear Weapon

Islamabad: Pakistan has successfully test-fired a cruise missile Rad-2 capable of carrying nuclear weapons on Tuesday, February 18, 2020. 600 km from this missile May be wise. Where this test was done to match the Brahmos missile of India. According to the statement of Inter-Services Public Relations of the Army, the rad-two weapon system has been equipped with advanced instructions and navigation systems.

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Pakistan is saying that this weapon will strengthen the firepower on land and sea. According to the US-based non-profit organization Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, Pakistan's Rad missile development program will be done to match India's BrahMos missile. There is a plan to equip Pakistan Air Force's Mirage or F-16 fighter jets with rad-two missiles. Pak has tested the surface-to-surface ballistic missile Gajnavi last month. At the same time, this missile is 290 km. Can kill. Where these missile tests are being done at a time when relations between India and Pakistan are not good. Not only this, but Pakistan is also continuously violating the ceasefire at the border. It is also being said that since the removal of Article 370, there is a restlessness in Pak rulers. That is the reason why they are being repeatedly carried out by abetment actions.

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Pakistan's missile Ghaznavi is going to be used only to hit the ground. China had given the M-11 missile to Pakistan in the year 1987. Using the technology of M-11, Pakistan has built the Ghaznavi missile. According to defense experts, this missile designed to target India is capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Despite all this, Pakistan missiles are dwarfed by the firepower of India's missiles. India has Agni-2, which ranges from 2000 to 2500 km.

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