Pakistan's situation is very critical, number of cases increase rapidly
Pakistan's situation is very critical, number of cases increase rapidly

In Pakistan, the number of patients infected with the epidemic corona has crossed 200,000. Geo TV said that the rate of infection has increased manifold in the last few weeks. However, on 23 April, the World Health Organization warned the Pakistan government against lifting the ban. The organization said that by the middle of July there will be a significant increase in corona patients. In this sequence, WHO Director General Tedros Edholm Ghebiusus said that it would have a devastating effect on the country's economy. Poverty will increase in the country and the number of poor will increase. The number of poor can be doubled. It is being speculated that the politics of Corona in Pakistan can be heated. Earlier, the opposition had criticized the Imran government for the lockdown. It was also revealed that this would increase the interference of the army in the country.

For your information, let us tell you that Prime Minister Imran Khan has been in dilemma since the lockdown in Pakistan. Despite the spread of Coronavirus, the opposition has been attacking the Imran government for not doing the lockdown. The PPP has particularly drawn the Imran government. At every stage, the opposition has been attacking the Imran government over the Corona epidemic. Even in an article by the English newspaper Dawn, Imran was condemned. It was said in the article that Pakistan government is taking its decisions on the advice of industrialists.

Apart from this, after the corona spread, Pakistani PM Imran Khan in his public address denied the possibility of lockdown. Because the country's economic situation is very critical. He said that it is the responsibility of the country to see that no poor are killed by hunger. He also expressed concern that the corona epidemic may put pressure on Pakistan's already crumbling health system. Despite this attitude of the Imran government, Sindh province and Gilgit-Baltistan had implemented lockdowns.

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