Pak leader claims, 'slow poison being given to former PM Nawaz'

Nov 07 2019 01:37 PM
Pak leader claims, 'slow poison being given to former PM Nawaz'

Islamabad: A leader of Pakistan has spread sensation by revealing a conspiracy to give slow death to former Pak PM Nawaz Sharif. Altaf Hussain leader, founder of Mutahida Qaumi Movement, has claimed that Nawaz is being poisoned for this. Altaf has taken refuge in Britain and lives in London. Altaf Hussain, the founder of the Mutahida Qaumi Movement, claims that Nawaz Sharif is being given a slow poison called polonium.

According to a news agency report, he has said that the same type of conspiracy is being done with Nawaz Sharif in the way Yasir Arafat was killed by slow poisoning. Yasir Arafat died in 2004. Altaf Hussain first tweeted on November 2 that, "Platelet counts are decreasing in Nawaz Sharif's body, a well-known fact that polonoyim is used to eliminate enemies.

It acts as a slow poison and destroys platelets. It can only be confirmed in specialist radioactive laboratories so the global lab should investigate it. "On Tuesday, he shared a research article on his official Twitter handle titled, Polonium-a Perfect Poison. He wrote that, "Dear students and supporters, I made a tweet on November 2, you asked a lot of questions on it, polonium-a perfect poison Incurred article, I have tried to reply to this topic, please read it carefully. "

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