Pakistan PM Imran Khan advises world to save economy from coronavirus

Islamabad: Pakistan's PM Imran Khan on Friday shared a 10-point agenda for the economy of the world's developing countries. Addressing a two-day special session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in a virtual manner, Imran said that if developing countries adopt the 10-point formula suggested by them, their economy can avoid ruining Corona's crisis.

The purpose of organizing the special session is to find a way to revive the economy from the corona epidemic. The session is to address representatives from 141 countries. Addressing the session, Imran said that the epidemic has increased the sufferings of human beings and this has caused the biggest economic crisis in the world after 1930. The Pakistan PM said that due to the crisis of this epidemic, about 100 million people in developing countries will go into extreme poverty, while rich countries have given a package of $ 1.3 trillion to revive their economy.

Imran said, 'developing countries do not have the money to recover their economy and provide relief package. These countries are battling for an economic package to overcome the effects of the epidemic. ' He appealed to the global community to take initiative to get these countries out of the financial crisis. Imran has described the Corona crisis as the biggest disaster after World War II. He assured the UNGA president that his 10-point plan would help poor countries.

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