'Joke of the Year' Pakistan PM Imran Khan says 'he is ready to help India'
'Joke of the Year' Pakistan PM Imran Khan says 'he is ready to help India'

Islamabad: The whole world is struggling with the virus crisis at this time. India's neighboring country, Pakistan's PM Imran Khan has proved to be a complete failure in controlling the epidemic. Seeing the deteriorating situation in Pakistan, the Supreme Court has also lashed the Imran Khan government. At the same time, the court has asked the Imran government to take the coronavirus seriously. Also ordered to enact national legislation immediately. But Pakistan PM Imran Khan is focusing his attention on India instead of taking out the trapped Pakistanis.

Pakistan's PM Imran Khan, quoting a report from his Twitter handle, tweeted that 34 percent of the families across India would not be able to survive for more than a week without assistance. I am here to help and to share our successful cash transfer program with India. Its reach and transparency have received international acclaim.

After this tweet, Pakistan PM Imran Khan came under the trolls' target. Taking a hit on Imran Khan on Twitter, a Twitter user Abdul Hatela tweeted that Goat Palo Mian, not knowledge. After this, another Twitter users commented that the terrorists who forced the burning of Imran Khan minorty's house and forcibly converted them, improved the condition of their own country. 

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