Palestine PM Mohammed Ishtaye warns Israel against policies in E.Jerusalem

RAMALLAH – Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ishtaye has warned Israel against continuing its policies in East Jerusalem, blaming them for any future conflict between the two countries.

"The Palestinian people of East Jerusalem face the most heinous policies and practises of persecution, bigotry, and ethnic cleansing to force them out of their homes and replace them with settlers," Ishtaye said in a statement.

According to the reports, he said that Palestinians "would not surrender to these measures and will reject them with all vigour and resolve," whether in East Jerusalem or the West Bank. Since the beginning of last week, tensions have been prevalent in Sheikh Jarrah, one of East Jerusalem's most renowned neighbourhoods, which houses the majority of international consulates.

Tensions have risen as Israeli officials have threatened to deport a number of Palestinian families. According to Palestinian sources, Israeli authorities want to demolish 22,000 homes, 250 of which were announced for demolition in the first half of this year. According to Palestinian groups working in East Jerusalem, the Israeli authorities have demolished 34 residential, commercial, and agricultural structures in the city in the last several months.

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