Panel led by retired HC judge to monitor probe on Manipur violence

IMPHAL: The Central government has constituted a probe committee to be headed by a retired judge to investigate incidents of violence in Manipur that have led to the loss of lives and damage to properties, said Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday, June 1.

A special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) team would look into incidences of violence in the State, said Shah, who wrapped up a four-day tour to the region today. The Union Minister said, a committee led by a retired judge with the rank of chief justice of a high court has been constituted by the Central Government to probe these incidents. A commission for peace led by the governor of Manipur would include representatives from civil society.

The Manipuri people were given assurances by the Union minister that the investigations would be conducted impartially and without discrimination, and that anyone found guilty would be held accountable.

In Manipur, a number of organisations are striving to investigate violent crimes. high-level CBI investigation into six violent episodes that may be connected. We'll make sure the probe is impartial, added Shah. He said,  a search operation would start tomorrow in the State's violent districts.

Shah urged that individuals who break the SoO agreement (Suspension of Operation) would face harsh punishment. "I implore Manipuris not to believe false information. Anyone who violates the Suspension of Operations (SoO) agreement will face harsh consequences. Anyone with a weapon must hand it over to the police. Beginning tomorrow, search operations will be conducted, and harsh measures will be implemented if any weapons are discovered.

Education officials will visit the state, and they will have talks to explore continuing to offer pupils educational resources, he said.. He promised that the online course and test would proceed as per schedule. The home minister emphasised the implementation of a rehabilitation programme and additional measures to prevent pupils from skipping classes or failing tests.

"The central government and the Manipur government will each award Rs 5 lakh in compensation to the surviving family members of those killed in the violence. Through DBT, this sum will be distributed to the victims. Medical facilities in violent areas will be monitored by special medical personnel, he said. To the families of those killed in the recent violence in the State, the Home Minister sent his condolences.

"I offer my sincere condolences to all those who have perished in the recent violence on behalf of the Government of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and myself. When a citizen of the country passes away, it is normal for all of us to feel sorrowful, said Amit Shah. Shah claimed to have spoken with representatives of the Meitei and Kuki populations during his three-day tour of the state, which included Imphal, Moreh, and Churachandpur.

Manipur. I offer my sympathies to all the families whose members were killed in the tragedy. In the past three days, I have visited a number of locations in Manipur, including Imphal, Moreh, and Churachandpur, and met with officials to help bring about peace in the state. I've spoken with CSOs from the Meitei and Kuki groups," he said. The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) government has carried out unprecedented work in the State, he continued, and the previous six years have been marked by peace and prosperity.

On May 3, violence broke out at a rally called by the All Tribals Students Union (ATSU) to protest the demand that Meitei/Meetei be classified as a Scheduled Tribe (ST). Following a Manipur High Court order from April 19, the march was arranged in opposition to the petition for the Meitei minority in the state to be included in the ST category. 

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