Paras Chhabra slams ex-girlfriend Akansha Puri
Paras Chhabra slams ex-girlfriend Akansha Puri

Bigg Boss 13 has already ended a long time ago, but still, the contestants seen in this show are still in the headlines. Paras Chhabra appeared in the show, was in a lot of headlines about his affair. Paras Chhabra had an affair with Akansha Puri before his entry into the house, but after entering the house, his closeness with Mahira Sharma grew and his girlfriend's heart broke outside the house. After the show finale, both of them broke up and Paras Chhabra clearly declared that he does not want to talk to Akanksha.

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Akanksha Puri gave a statement on her breakup and now the actor has given an interview on it. Recently, the actor said, "He didn't even met me after Bigg Boss and saying so many things against me, That's why it is good that he stay away from me. Not only that, after this, Paras flared up and said, 'If it was my strategy and if she knew, why would she react like this. If it was planned, such a reaction should not have come. And what you want to do by showing a plan that was not planned. Rather, I was laughing at that interview video. Where she is crying about having a breakup, she is wearing so much heavy makeup. She looked so stupid."

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Recently, Akanksha had said that after the end of Bigg Boss, Paras wanted to marry her. On this question, Paras said, "I don't really know what she has said from behind me." But if I had given such a commitment, then her family would surely have come by now. But what I have seen in the video, which she has said bad things".

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