Parivesh Singh's song 'Raahi' leaves an impact on the audiences to walk on the right path
Parivesh Singh's song 'Raahi' leaves an impact on the audiences to walk on the right path

Renowned Music Director Parivesh Singh along with 14 other singers launched a song titled 'Raahi' on 6th October.

Thapki pyaar ki fame actress, Prachi Bansal along with other talents like Jaan Kumar Sanu, Raja Hassan, Shahid Mallya, Aadil Gurezi, Ajay Tisa, etc were present at the event.

In a world where explicit and often negative content dominates the music industry, songs like 'Raahi' provide a refreshing and inspiring alternative. The song is so beautifully written and composed and it basically motivates people to walk on the right path.

Parivesh Singh who has composed this beautiful composition said, "I have been working on this song for 3 years with the primary motive of focusing on humanity. The lyrics of the song have been penned by my sister Manisha Singh. 14 singers dedicated their time and efforts to sing this song without any financial compensation."

Parivesh Singh also enlightened on the transformative power of music and how it can bring a change in society by directly reaching to your heart and mind.

Actress Prachi Bansal was featured in the video and thanked Parivesh Singh for this wonderful opportunity, she said, "In today's digital world, technology and smartphones have connected and brought us closer to friends and relatives who are far away than the people living closer to us. So much so that we have separated from ourselves. We all are running in the rat race of society. This song conveys a powerful message about the importance of pausing in the midst of life's hustle and bustle, 'rahi pal do pal ko tham toh jaa'.

All the 14 singers who have crooned the song are very happy and excited about the song. They all believe that this heartfelt composition has the potential to reach the hearts of millions of people and will definitely bring a positive change in society as well as human emotions.

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